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Next2007 music festival 2007-12-08 PDF Print E-mail
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Next2007 music festival - Next2007 music festival
Sunday, 09 December 2007

Here are edited versions of 2nd day (Saturday) of Next2007 music festival.

Note: Unfortunately, we had some technical problems while record the gig.

Performance of MARCO ENEIDI (USA) + PHILIPP QUEHENBERGER (USA/AT) was extremely cool, but record with file name "b04_marco_eneid_-_philipp_quehenberger.mp3" is extremly distorted because of technical problems. So, if you didn't see them live at A4-zero place, you should take 20, or better 40 miligrams of Valium, because this recording is too distorted (sound limiting "above" +0 dB) and sounds like DEATH NOIZE... We are very sorry for that.

Anyways, we got some other interesting artists performances, besides interview for IRS TLIS Radio with Marco Eneidi And Philipp Quehenberger by Igorko and Murdok.

Upozornenje: mali zme texnicke problemi zo zaznamom live vistupeni.

Live vistupenje MARCO ENEIDI (USA) + PHILIPP QUEHENBERGER (USA/AT) bolo mrte ze dobre (sam ja VooDooMan som ho mal moznost vidjet), ale fajl "b04_marco_eneid_-_philipp_quehenberger.mp3" je extrnemne znoizovani koli spominanim texnickim problemom. Ag ste ix teda nevideli na festivale Next2007 v priestorox A4-nulty priestor-u, tag sy dajete racej 20 ci 40 miligramou diazepamu, lebo nahravka je mrte skreslena (zvukova limitacia "nad" +0 dB) a zvuci ako DEATH NOIZE keri asi len malogdo rozdixa... Ospravedlnujeme sa.

V kazdom pripade mame pre vas na sosnutje vistupenja nekerix umelcou, a tagtjez rozhovor pre IRS TLIS Radio keri spaxali Igorko (to je ten z tim sexi hlasom a mrte zlatuckou intonaciou) a Murdok.


(opens in a new window - otvori sa nowe wokno)


http://www.nextfestival.sk/ (opens in a new window - otvori sa nowe wokno)

http://www.a4.sk/ (opens in a new window - otvori sa nowe wokno)

http://www.tlis.sk/ (opens in a new window - otvori sa nowe wokno)

PS: If you have some nice photographies of the gig, pls contact me, I could publish them.

PS: Ag mate fotki z gigu, plz kontagtujte ma, mozem uverejnit.

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