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Thursday, 13 December 2012

I cannot say that Ground taken the right moment of this photo at all...  But I must say he have taken no artistical nor photo feeling.... It looks like I am dislike the artists beside me.... Just he have not catched the right moment.... He aboslutely not did it at all as an artist... I am very sorry for that, but he gave me this picture as his "materpiece"... but he is unable the catch the respect and the feeling for beside-me artists...

 From the left: Mrkwa(Jonas Gruska, SK), VooDooMan(SK), Bolka(Matus Bolka, SK). But  ground, he is unable to understand the right feeling.... I am very sorry  for the picture he sent me...

PS: I adore performances of both of the artists (left and right)... Believe me, ground is really bad artist of catching the right moments...

EDIT:  Ground said he did not this photo... he just found it ot on the net... My apologies to Ground, really. But IIRC, next photo picture was like we were in friendly hug, but no-one sent me this photo... I am sorry for this.

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